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The Spanish American War (1898-1901)- An Interesting story to uncover

The Spanish American War (1898-1901)- An Interesting story to uncover

We all know every war occurred for many reasons, due to which we lost many warriors. But the sacrifice of our soldiers was not just a sacrifice; the Spanish American War made us learn several lessons in order to respect our warriors who endured their lives fighting for the well-being of the nation.

Apart from this, we honor our fighters by keeping a sentiment in a soft corner of our hearts. The military collectibles that were used during the war are still kept carefully to remind us about the battle.

We’ve uncovered a complete story about the Spanish-American War below; To know more, scroll down…

Table of Contents

  1. History of the Spanish American War
  2. Types of Spanish American War items
  3. Conclusion

An Unforgettable History of the Spanish American War

The battle was fought between two known countries; Spain and United States in year 1898. This took place because many residents of Cuba wanted to be independent. When things got worse, United state announced the war on 25th April 1898 following the Battleship Maine in Havana Harbor on 15th February 1898.

As a result, Spain lost command over its overseas kingdoms such as the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and other nearby colonies as well. Except for Cuba, all other colonies were forced to become US citizens after the bloody war. The US won over Spain and demanded these islands become their colonies.

Furthermore, when Cuba refused to change its colonial rules, the next war between the US and the Philippines began in 1899, resulting in the deaths of a large number of Americans and Filipinos, and Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo was defeated in 1981, which was declared by the US to have won over Cuba and the war ended in 1901. And, the war continued for three years.

Note: There were many reasons for this war’s commencement, but the two main reasons were America’s backing for Cuban and Filipino resistance to Spanish power, as well as the unexplained explosion of the battleship USS Maine in Havana Harbor.

So, this is the victorious history of war, which we summarized above. Now, we’re going to give you an overview what type of vintage military items were used by the colonies to fight.

Different categories of Spanish American War collectibles

The fascinating artifacts used by Spain and America are still auctioned for a sky-high price and hold the deepest sentiments among collectors. Many things got demolished, and few were left. They are kept safely in private places or museums to display.

Below are the military memorabilia to sell and buy or just to learn about their history…

  1. Swords and bayonets
  2. Antique military medals
  3. Guns and Rifles
  4. Photos
  5. Mess Kit
  6. Entrenching tools
  7. Forage Caps
  8. Uniforms
  9. Army Calvary Shoulder Strap Set
  10. Badges
  11. Emblem, etc.


So, last but not the least, here is your complete information about the Spanish American War and its items. We hope you’ve gained a complete knowledge of this old-vintage era of warfare. Therefore, we are licensed military memorabilia collectors who collect these authentic pieces and provide relevant details about such pieces through appraisal. You can contact us for appraisals and sales of war collectibles at anytime and from anywhere.