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Antique Militaria Buyers is a well-established dealing firm based in Florida who buys militaria memorabilia in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Bradenton, Largo, Clearwater, and surrounding areas of Florida. We are a family business with 50+ years of expertise in buying war collectibles. Furthermore, we’ve also earned a reputation over the years for providing in-depth information on any type of military antique and buying them at the best price. If you ever decide to sell a militaria item handed over to you as an inheritance, please contact us right away!

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Our experts are qualified experts and offer excellent customer service with 100% safety and security. We buy war collectibles, and, in exchange, offer top dollar for the rare objects. Customers who want to sell their military memorabilia get a FREE evaluation and quote from us.

Florida’s top-most dealer-Antique Militaria collectors

If you’re willing to sell your inherited war collectibles, connect with us now. We offer the best price and an honest appraisal of the military item. Moreover, as experienced militaria collectors, we are the customers’ reliable source for gaining top prices from the sale.

If you have any WWI, WWII, or other battle collections, contact us to receive the highest expected amount from the sale as well as learn unknown details about your rare WWII artifacts.

What we buy & appraise?

We purchase and evaluate medals, canteens, muskets, knives, daggers, and swords; helmets, patches, boots, and soldiers’ war gear, etc., from all across the globe, either through our website or through our recognized store in Florida.

Where to sell militaria memorabilia?

If you want to travel through history again and want to know the historical story of your vintage war artifacts. Just visit our store for the appraisal. OR directly contact us through our website’s contact form. Moreover, customers can also call us at 727-656-2504 for a free quote and consultation. Hence, sell your military objects and receive a sky-high cash return from the sale and be a member of our leading industry.