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Military antiques are much prized for their beauty and craftsmanship. Usually they lie with a family for decades without being looked after. When they can no longer do this, the inheritors want a quick sale and consider opting for a local metal dealer. However, doing this can cause very poor returns as most metal dealers don’t know the real value of such precious items. Come to us Antique Militaria Buyers for a sale that gives back the highest cash value. Our staff are experts in military antique valuations and give only fair, realistic pricing, which ensures good returns. We buy & appraise medals, canteens, Muskat, knives, daggers & swords, helmets, patches, boots & soldiers’ war gear.


We Offer the Best Price for Military Antiques and Arrange For Sale Quickly.

We are experts in military antique appraisals and offer an honest evaluation like none other. Over the years, we have assessed so many types of military antiques and have sound knowledge of their value. You might want to sell just a single item or perhaps a large collection… Whatever the quantity, rest assured that by coming to us, you will get fair returns like none other.

Our antique militaria appraisals are based on in-depth knowledge of such items and our experience of having dealt with many such items in the past decades.  We have purchased military memorabilia belonging to some of the most interesting historical periods and value them very much for what they represent. If you need military antique valuation for memorabilia items that have been with the family for decades, call us right away. Talk to our experts and find out how they can help you encash them and gain the returns expected from such a sale.

As expert military appraisal services, we can offer a deal like none other and give a quote that is a true reflection of the item’s intrinsic value. Over the past decades, we have built a reputation for providing deals like none other in this industry. Fast and friendly customer service is the hallmark of our business and our clients are from all across the country. We have dealt with some of the most interesting types of antique, vintage and rare military memorabilia, which has enriched our knowledge of such items, and in our collection you can find some really amazing pieces.

You can also get quiet military appraisals online done by us, based on which you can decide whether or not to sell the item. No need to move from the home to get the sale done and gain the required cash. We will make an assessment online based on a photo or video of the item which you can send to us by email. Our staff will contact you about the price and then make a quiet arrangement to complete the sale. With us, you get a simple single payment and we take no commissions or fees. Over the years, we have satisfied many clients who have come to us with the need for an urgent sale. Each such client has gone back with good returns and enjoyed a hassle-free transaction. Call us now and fix an appointment for a true evaluation of what you need to sell.

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