We buy & appraise medals, canteens, muskets, Knives, Daggers & Swords, Helmets, patches, boots & soldiers' war gear.

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Antique Militaria Buyers buy and sell military antiquities at the best possible price. We buy rare and valuable war items from all over Florida, USA, and quote the appropriate price. We specialize in dealing with memorabilia like, military uniforms, medals, patches, flags, guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, etc. from days gone by or from current battles. When selling such items, care has to be taken to approach the right dealer to get the best cash deal. If you’re in search of militaria memorabilia buyers in Florida, then you can come to us as our experts will make a perfect assessment and help you obtain the highest amount from the sale. Our staff have extensive knowledge in the field of antiques and will definitely help you with your queries. 

Top-Rated #1 Antique Militaria Buyers – Buying military medals, canteens, Muskets, Knives, Daggers & Swords, Helmets & more.

Antique Militaria Buyers is a recognized leader worldwide in buying, selling, and trading all types of military items.

Where to Sell Army Stuff ?

Looking for a place to sell military items? Give Antique Militaria Buyers a call right away. We are always on the lookout for interesting, rare military items, and our expert staff are always available to address our clients’ concerns about their items or collections. Military memorabilia has many qualities which enhance its price value and sentimental value, so when you want to sell such items, come to us as we understand their intrinsic value the best.

As experts in military collectibles appraisals, we offer clients a true assessment, one that will give them notable returns. Many clients come to us without any information about such items that have been lying around in their estates and homes for years. However, by selling them to us, a high cash return can be gained. Moreover, our experts know exactly how to assess such items because of their knowledge and experience. Over the past decades, they have dealt with many military collectibles, each having their own peculiar characteristics and qualities. 

When searching for places that buy/sell military memorabilia, check us out right away. Or call our staff and fix an appointment so that you can show the item and discuss it. Our expert appraiser will give you a free quote based on which you can decide whether to sell the item or not. We will give you the deal you desire, one that is sure to provide you with satisfaction!


We buy authentic militaria from all countries & wars.

Top Dollar is paid for genuine military items.

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Antique Militaria Buyers, as we are renowned military dealers offering significant returns for such items. Look into us to get accurate military antique appraisals done quickly and conveniently.

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What an amazing store! I went in looking for a new silver ring and could not be happier with the results!! Hailee was super helpful in helping me pick something out that fit well and looked great. Would definitely recommend!

By Amy

I love that this is a local business that is family owned and operated! I really enjoyed my shopping experience and Hailee was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend you consider going there for your next purchase!

By Elina Wheeler

The staff here is always helpful and great. High quality items and pleasant atmosphere. I always love seeing what new things the have.

By Mike Wolf

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