Antique Militaria Buyers

Military Memorabilia Marketplace: Where to Buy, Sell, or Trade World Military Items Online

Military Memorabilia Marketplace: Where to Buy, Sell, or Trade World Military Items Online

When it comes to collecting military memorabilia, there is a myriad of items enthusiasts collect such as medals, postcards, miniature tanks, field gear, and even war time books. Some collections are limited to a specific war or country. If you are a collector, you’ll want to know all you can about the art of military collecting and if you are interested in selling or at least finding out the worth of your collection, you will want to search for “military collectibles buyer near me” to find a local buyer.

Military Memorabilia Buyers Near Me

One of the benefits to searching online for “military collectibles buyers near me” is that your search should return only local buyers and dealers. That way, you can take your collection to them in person.

Narrow Down Your Search When You Sell Military Antiques

Just because an individual or buyer advertises “we buy militaria” doesn’t mean they are reputable. Do your homework. How long have they been in business? Do they have complaints with the BBB? What reviews and feedback can be found on third-party sites? Do any fellow enthusiasts know about them?

Military Antique Buyers

You’ll want to be sure the buyer specializes in military collectibles. Being merely an antique dealer isn’t going to get you top price for your treasures. You need someone who knows the market through and through.

Some places you can find military antique buyers are:

  • Local dealers found by searching online for “military memorabilia buyers near me”.
  • Online buyers can be found by conducting a search of online dealers.
  • Consignment shops like Centurion Auctions where you can sell one piece, a collection, or even an estate of collections.Sell independently through eBay or another platform.

Here are some things they will take into consideration when valuing your piece or collection:

Type of item. What is it that you are collecting? Some things naturally are worth more than others. While WWll letters offer little in the way of value, an autographed photo of someone like Patton can be worth up to $10,000 for one shot.

Age. The age of your item will greatly determine the value of it. A piece from the Civil War is going to bring in more than something from the Vietnam War. Knowing the age of your piece is imperative. For one thing, it will help validate that it really did come from the war it is supposed to have come from due to the age correlation.

Condition. A certain degree of wear and tear is expected from antique military items but the better shape it is in, the more valuable it is and the more money you will get when you sell military antiques.
History. What do you know about the history of your item? The story behind it is crucial in determining the value of it…IF your story can be verified.

What To Know Before You Sell Military Antiques

While you are trying to get the most return for your collection, military antique dealers are trying to make a profit too. You’ll want to find a nice balance by making sure you get the price you are looking for while leaving room for the buyer to come out ahead too.

The very worst that can happen is that you don’t settle on a price and don’t sell military antiques to anyone but keep them yourself. Then you can hold out for the price you are wanting. Being safe is better than being sorry. So, don’t rush into a sale and never feel pressured. At least you’ll still have your collection and maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.