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How to Clean And Protect Military Memorabilia Carefully?

How to Clean And Protect Military Memorabilia Carefully?

Collecting war memorabilia is easier than protecting it. These rare pieces are only reminder and proof of the events of World Wars I and II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Civil War, the Gross-Point War, and so on. We should always respect brave soldiers who fought and sacrificed their lives in order to save their nation.

However, military antiques are the things that make us remember the battles and sacrifices. To protect the memories, we should always be concerned about the items that were used in the wars.

If you’re not sure how to protect the intricacy of your inherited battle collectibles, here are a few magic tips to try. Scroll down to learn more…

Military Medals, Coins, and Buttons

  • detach the ribbons attached to the medal.
  • Soak the collections in a mixture of lemon and water and leave for 1 hour.
  • After the medals leave tarnish and dust, wash with fresh water and pat dry with a cotton cloth gently.
  • Store them in a cardboard box wrapped with a linen cloth to protect them from rust, tarnish, and dust.

Apart from these, you can use home remedies to clean the medals. You can use ketchup, white vinegar, baking soda, and non-abrasive toothpaste. Moreover, keep in mind to avoid storing such precious pieces in a damp, direct sun rays, humid atmosphere to avoid rust and tarnishing.

Military Swords and Daggers

  • Use a chemical cleaner that is made for sword or dagger cleaning.
  • Put the required amount of cleaner on the blades carefully and leave for 10–15 minutes.
  • Put some gun care oils on it and leave it for a while.
  • Wipe it off with a cotton cloth until the oil is invisible.

If you usually display your vintage military items, like swords, then you should always clean them every 6 months. This will maintain the condition of the knife and sword. Moreover, this process is used to remove the rust, tarnish, and light from the pieces. Also, whenever you clean it, try to start with the blade and then the rest of the parts to protect the shiny blades.

Military Uniforms

  • Take some fresh, running water in a bucket.
  • Add some detergent to the bucket.
  • Soak it for a while.
  • Scrub it gently with your hands and then wash with water.
  • Dry it

You can also clean and wash the army uniforms in a washing machine with cold water. Also, baking soda, fabric softener, or bleach are not recommended. These cleaners can destroy the microfibers of the uniform and leave it faded.

Military Weapons

  • To clean guns or rifles, you need a wet lubricant (CLP) or chemical gun cleaner.
  • Apply it to each part of the weapon to eliminate dust and rust.
  • After scrubbing for a while, wipe your rifle with a cloth to remove extra lubricants.

It is mandatory to remove extra chemical solution from the gun to avoid it slipping from the hand while being used or excess dust sticking to the surface of the gun.

Last Thought!

So, these were the tips to keep your military collectibles safe from dust and rust. Moreover, if you possess an antique memorabilia in your attic, it’s better to hand it over to militaria collectors (if you want to sell it). It is because antique objects when cleaned may decrease in value.

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